Why are holidays good for our health?

I think its fair to say that we all like holidays right? If you ask the typical person about going on holiday, sitting in the sun, eating nice food, they’ll more than likely say yes, that sounds amazing.

But the real question is this; are holidays really that good for our health and if so, why?

In this article we are going to look at some of the real health benefits that come from going on holiday and just why holidays really are good for our health (And they really are, believe me).

Giving your body a chance to recover, physically

One of the first real benefits of going on holiday is the chance that it gives your body to recover physically.

When we talk about going on holiday, this really means getting away from work so it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to a sunny destination, it could be a local holiday, or it could even be a complete break from working, a two week chill-out period.

This first benefit is really important if you do a physical job, but it is also important if you do a desk job. Desk jobs can be extremely stressful on the body, especially when you are sitting in the exact same position every day for long periods.

When we take a break and go on holiday our body really gets a chance to rest and recover, they also get a chance to be in different positions and all of our muscles get the chance to truly relax.

Often when you get on holiday you will find that you feel very tired initially, and this is because we don’t realize how much our body really needs the break until we actually relax and stop working.

Giving your mind a chance to relax

Every day life is stressful. There is no doubt about that, our brain has to work hard, our minds are often racing with ideas and we really feel that. We get stressed out and bogged down with these day to day challenges. This is often very true of work, which most people consider to be quite a hard thing to do every day.

When we go on holiday, our mind gets a chance to relax, to stop thinking about so much stuff and to stop working so hard and just to relax and recover.

This is extremely important and it is one of the big reasons why we feel so happy when we are on holiday and also, for a short period, when we return. People often say that when they get back from holiday they feel much happier, much more relaxed and often have a new viewpoint on how they are going to live life going forward.

Getting valuable sunshine

This applies more when you are going to sunny destinations like Tunisia or any other place where there is lots of nice hot weather.

The sun is really good for us, as long as it is in relatively short periods and we have sun protection as required. Our body really likes the sun, we get lots of goodness from it and our body also likes the heat, it makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. So getting away at least once a year to a sunny destination is really important and very beneficial.

Spending time with our family

The last benefit, but certainly not the least in terms of importance. Most of us have busy lives, especially if we are working all day every day. We often don’t get to spend as much time as we would like with our families, our friends and our loved ones. Going on holiday gives us the perfect opportunity to spend valuable time with our family and friends. On holiday we don’t tend to have anything important that we have to do, so we can relax. We have more time on our hands and we can do menial tasks with our family such as going out for a walk, eating dinner or just chilling out.

This time is really important because it is prolonged, relaxed time to spend catching up with the ones we love the most. This is definitely beneficial for our health and wellbeing.