5 Signs that you should Visit a Chiropractor

You could be forgiven for thinking that you only need to see a chiropractor if you have a sore back. That is of course true; if you have an obviously aching back then it would be a good idea to visit your chiropractor so that you can get help.

However, what many people don’t realise is how many other bodily disorders and discomforts can be present as a result of a bad back or a misaligned spine.

After reading this article you will appreciate just how important your back and your spinal column are and how many other areas of the body they can affect. If you have any of the symptoms listed below and have not been able to pin down the root cause, then you should consider visiting a chiropractor. Not only could you find immediate relief from the pain, but also you may find a long term solution to any or all of these problems.

1. Headaches

Headaches can be a symptom for a wide range of health issues such as nutritional deficiency, digestive issues and even plain old stress. However, if you have ruled out some of these other potential causes then you may find that your headache is a direct result of a back problem – and potentially a back problem that you wouldn’t otherwise have been aware of.

Having problems with your spine can often result in headaches and seeing a chiropractor may well lead to the resolution of such headaches.

2. Poor Posture

Poor posture is very common in this day and age, especially with people who are regularly sitting down in the same position – for example this is very common with office workers who sit at a desk all day every day.

Poor posture can result in back aches and also in misalignment of the spine leading to further problems. If you have poor posture it will likely have an impact on other areas of your body as they will have to compensate.

A visit to the chiropractor can definitely help with posture and you will likely find some relief after a few visits but more importantly you will get advice for long term resolution of your bad posture.

3. Muscle and Joint Pain

Muscle and joint pain are very common symptoms of a back problem. Rather than looking straight for medicinal remedies it is always a good idea to seek a trained chiropractor first. They will be able to assess your issues and confirm whether or not they are related to your back. If they are then there will be a proposed plan of action to resolve the issues which avoiding the need to take potentially harmful medicine.

4. Neck Pain

Neck pain is another symptom that can be the result of various problems – stress being a big one. However, neck pain is also commonly associated with spinal problems and misalignment and as such you should consider seeking a chiropractor so that you can get an assessment as well as a definitive answer on whether or not the true cause of your neck ache is actually your back.

5. Limited Range of Motion

If you find yourself having difficulty making broad movements with your body or your limbs this is a sure sign that you have a back problem. Often a bad back will result in difficulty moving your limbs fluidly – this can be as a direct result of a back issue, or it can be as a result of your other muscles and joints having to over-compensate where your back is not able to take the strain.

If you have a limited range of movement then you should definitely consider a visit to your local chiropractor in order to pinpoint and diagnose the issue. More often than not, this will be caused by some form of back problem and therefor the chiropractor is the best person to resolve the issue for you.